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Friendly Home Modifications for Seniors Aging in Place

Each day, ten thousand seniors are turning 65 in the US, with 9 out of 10 older Americans wanting to stay in their homes to remain independent and maintain their quality of life. This trend of seniors wanting to age in place has created a demand for home healthcare workers, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics projecting an 18% job growth in healthcare settings through 2026.


Connecticut families want to support their senior loved ones’ decisions. It includes helping them with their plan of aging at home. One of the best ways to assist seniors with living at home is making home modifications that will help seniors stay safe while navigating their places.


Every house has furniture, appliances, carpets, rugs, and extension cables. Though these are necessary for the people living in it, these may pose risks for older adults. Families should remove unnecessary clutter, arrange furniture and appliances properly, fix uneven thresholds, or change loose carpets or rugs that can cause people to trip or fall.


Accordingly, they should locate and adapt to risky areas, such as bathrooms, doorways, kitchens, stairways, and bedrooms. There may be environmental hazards that may increase seniors’ risk to fall or slip in these areas. It would be better for families to remove clutter, fix slippery or worn out tiles, and fix their doorways threshold.


Besides some modifications in the home areas, families can also install assistive technologies and avail of services that offer CT home care for elders, making the age-in-place process safer and more comfortable. Caregivers in CT can provide physical, mental, and emotional assistance to seniors who want to live independently in their homes.


Hourly caregivers and 24 hour caregivers New Haven CT, ensure families that their senior loved ones will receive support and assistance with everyday activities that may become difficult over time. These include grocery shopping, preparing meals, housekeeping, laundry, and personal care.


Making friendly home modifications can ensure the safety of seniors at home. Consequently, hiring a home caregiver will guarantee that seniors receive focused, personalized care, and assistance. This infographic from Euro-American Connections & Homecare discusses some of the friendly home modifications that families can do for seniors aging in place.