How to Build a Better Roof?

A bad roofing job is not just a pain in the head because not only do you get conned by a fraudulent roofing contractor. You also are in a severe threat to extreme weather. Indeed, one of the most expensive parts of the home to repair is the roof. However, a poorly built roof can even be costlier for homeowners.

Bad roofing is also prone to leaks and shingle misalignments. The good news is sometimes, you can identify a poorly-installed roof from the looks of it, and you can take your money back. However, there are instances where the outside of a roof looks okay until a storm or snowfall hits.

Spotting any of these shortly after a roofing job, mostly if there were no major storms, can be a prime indicator that the roofing contractor did a poor job. There are also missing or damaged shingles on a bad roofing job. Most of these contractors buy substandard materials, which causes these problems.

Stains can also mean that a roof is not installed well. Stains can indicate water leakage on the roof. A good roofer will ensure that there will be no water coming from the roof as it can result in much bigger problems at home. Your ceiling can be the next victim of water damage if water keeps on coming.

As you look for signs of damage, take note of any shingles, which are the wrong color or size. Mismatched shingles are a common sign of your contractor cutting corners and can lead to additional damage. On the other hand, you should also learn how to build a better roof so you would not be a victim of these types of roofing contractors.

If you want to know how a roof should be built, you can check this infographic from UC Roof.

How to Build a Better Roof?