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HR Outsourcing: Payroll Solutions for your Small Business

Small Business Blues

Are you a small business owner experiencing stress over human resource (HR) challenges? Most of the time, HR functions, such as recruitment, training, Payroll, and management, fall to the owners, who already have their hands full. 

But with an effective HR system and the right people, even small businesses can compete with other ventures. Instead of focusing on an internal HR unit, outsourcing to a company that provides HR and payroll solutions is one of the best ways to boost your business.

Outsourcing HR allows small businesses to focus their time, energy, and resources on operations and generating revenue. But how does outsourcing HR even work in the first place?

What is an HRO?

Human Resources Outsourcing (HRO) involves partnering with a third-party service provider to handle HR activities like Payroll, benefits administration, recruitment, and training. 

As the client, the business owner contracts with the service provider, who performs HR functions for an agreed-upon cost. While the service provider may have legal rights and duties to the employees, the business owner maintains complete direction and control over them and the business.

But finding the best HRO service provider for your business can be difficult, on top of trusting them with your finances and employees.

How does an HRO Company help with Payroll?

Payroll management can be tedious, and delays are frustrating for everyone involved, along with tracking attendance, productivity, and compensation. On top of this, complying with labor laws and tax regulations can get complicated. 

Without proper knowledge and training, your small business could struggle with risks such as tax errors, miscalculated pay, disorganized records, and more– all of which cost you valuable time and money.

With an HRO company, you’ll work closely with financial experts, accountants, and payroll specialists equipped to handle your business’s payroll needs. Processes become streamlined, with management reports and tracking software that keeps operations running smoothly. 

Grow your Business with the Right Solutions

Instead of being busy with recruitment and training or being stressed over Payroll, experts can do the heavy lifting for you. With experienced HR specialists, on top of an efficient management system, risks can be better mitigated, and you get to focus better on growing your business!

HRO companies that offer Phoenix-based payroll solutions, like Focus HR, can help maximize your small business’ potential. For more information on HR consulting and services, check out their website for contact details and a complimentary consultation.