Newton Sales Promotion

5 Reasons Why Newton is Your Key to Sales Promotions (Infographic)

Sales promotions have long been used by businesses to increase foot traffic to their stores. Coupons, discounts, and free trial periods are among the popular sales tactics many consumers often take advantage of. It gives a sense of fulfillment when one receives incentives from purchase and encourages shoppers to repurchase the product.

However, while customers are often enticed by the benefits they will get from buying at a sales promotion, they might get thrown off when they see an inaccurate or unappealing display. Mistakes in paper labels are not easy to replace. The design has to be redone manually and printed again. Human error in producing these traditional labels slow down operations and result in customer dissatisfaction.

In the modern world, consumers demand convenience and efficiency from enterprises. They also expect better services with the help of digital technology. Therefore, businesses must adopt the industry’s latest trends and practices to keep up with this changing market behavior.

Many have already embraced digital integration into their operations, including the implementation of electronic shelf labels (ESLs). With a digital price tag display, retail shops can quickly update a product’s price in real-time, ensuring accurate information to customers at all times. Apart from price tags, ESLs can also be used to enhance a sales promotion display. Retailers can customize these digital labels and make changes as necessary.

An updated display adds visual appeal to a retail store, improving the chances of attracting potential buyers and influencing them to purchase. Still, with the digital transformation in enterprises, how can you stand out from the rest of the competition?

As the ESL leading provider in the industry, SoluM introduces its innovative Newton System. This new and improved technology is the key to step up your sales promotions. With Newton, establishments can securely lock ESLs on shelf label holders while being able to detach them easily. Additionally, they can enjoy many other advantages that will keep them ahead of their competitors.

For more information on why Newton is your key to sales promotion, an infographic from SoluM is provided below.

5 Reasons Why Newton is Your Key to Sales Promotions