Understanding How Long A Tooth Extraction Takes

How long does a tooth extraction take?  This is something that you may be interested to know if you are looking to pay a dentist a visit very soon to have a tooth, or a number of teeth, removed. The process of pulling teeth can vary according to your needs, so there are very many things involved when answering this question.

One of the reasons why you could decide to have your teeth removed is dental trauma.  Injury to the mouth can cause damage  to the  teeth or the associated ligaments, tissue and bone.  Something like this can force you to have the teeth extracted so as to correct the bite. When you decide to extract teeth under these circumstances, there can be added complications that can add time to the process.

Another possible reason for pulling teeth is tooth  disease.  If you visit a dentist for regular checkup and they discover that you have tooth disease, they might try to save the tooth before removing it. Sometimes, a process known as root canal can  be attempted before the tooth is extracted.

You could also decide to have your teeth removed because of dental crowding.  At times, teeth can be too large to fit in the jaw comfortably.  In such a case, you can decide to remove some of teeth  so as to help straighten  your smile or  eliminate the pain associated with crowding.  Multiple x-rays  may have to be done in order to figure out the teeth that should be removed.

A good dentist will always try  to save  your teeth and find alternatives first, but there are circumstances  where removing the teeth may be the only option.

So, does pulling teeth hurt? It will not hurt is a local anesthetic is used.

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