Hair Restoration: How Peptides Can Help Your Hair Grow

Hair loss is something that you are likely to deal with as age catches up with you, or it may be something that you are dealing with right now. Some people tend to assume that hair loss is a natural part of the aging process, and that there is nothing that they can do about it. On the contrary, hair restoration is something that is very possible. If you have lost a lot of hair, you can restore the volume that you once had using peptides hair growth.

So how do peptides help your hair grow?  Peptides are the chains of amino acids that make up all proteins. The amino acids are made up of nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen and carbon, and they are responsible for giving proteins their physical structure.  The amino acids are also responsible for the transportation of nutrients, and most importantly for hair restoration, sending signals to other cells. When they link up, they form peptides.

The peptides can be short or long, and the longer ones usually become the proteins that build our bodies. While there are a number of these peptides, the most important one when it comes understanding your skin and hair is collagen.

Collagen is needed by our bodies to produce keratin, which is the substance that hair is made from. So,  one of the ways that peptides help with hair growth is  by providing one of the important building blocks for the hair itself. Peptides for hair growth also help your hair through antioxidant activity. The hair follicles are easily managed by the free radicals which come from your diet, from air pollution, and even from constant stress.

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