The Difference Between Sculptra en Gluteos And The Brazilian Butt Lift

If you are looking for the right procedure that you can use to enhance your butt,  you should consider  Sculptra en gluteos. This is a truly non-invasive and non-surgical procedure that is slowly by slowly transforming the way lift procedures  are done across the country. There is no need to be scared about giving it a try at all but it is  a technique that has been tried by many already and received positive reviews.

Most people find the classic Brazilian procedure to be impractical, time consuming as well as a costly investment, or it may not be able to  produce the results that you want in the timeframe that you prefer. Sculptra gluteos  is an ideal option for those that are interested in having more profiled and fuller buttocks  but are having a hard time getting there with diet and exercise.  It is also ideal for those who do not have the body fat or money to invest in expensive butt lift procedures.

So how does Sculptra glúteos differ from the Brazilian butt lift?  The biggest difference between these two is that Sculptra does not have any downtime. Unlike the Brazilian butt lift that requires liposuction, Sculptra  only requires a few painless  injections which take less than twenty minutes.

Another significant difference between these two methods is the time it takes to see results. Since the Brazilian butt lift involves removing fat from the body to put  in the buttocks,  the results are usually very dramatic. However, Sculptra butt lift only makes use of the Sculptra filler, and for that reason the results are usually less dramatic  and more subtle.  All in all,  the results from Sculptra en gluteos  are just as impressive and  can make your butt look really great.

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