Biggest Sports Betting Wins in History – Infographic

Playing online casino games Malaysia is relatively easy as long as bettors bet through a reputable online casino. Betting is technically legal in Malaysia as long as the bettor isn’t Muslim and they aren’t betting in a common gaming house. People can even register in an online casino and get into sportsbook betting and bet on parlays or jackpots.

Sports betting is fun and is a popular way to show support to a particular team. It’s also fun when betting on parlays without showing support to any specific team whatsoever since bettors can hope to take home such big potential winnings.

It’s possible to win big through sheer luck when betting on parlays, and this has been done repeatedly worldwide by several lucky bettors.

Steve Whiteley, one bettor who won big, placed a small £2 bet on an Exeter Tote or Pari-Mutuel Jackpot. He randomly chose six horses and got lucky with one horse that lost its previous races and managed to win the match Whiteley bet on. He won £1.45 million from his lucky bet.

A soccer bettor that also got lucky was an anonymous Malta bettor who placed a $1 bet and made $735,783 from a 19-leg parlay. The win was secured by Liverpool’s winning goal against Chelsea. The odds were an astronomical +68373800.

Darren Yates is another lucky bettor that didn’t bet on a parlay, but seemingly on a futures bet where he placed a £62 bet on the jockey Frankie Dettori winning all seven rides on the Magic Seven in 1996. He won £550,823.

A rookie bettor also managed to get lucky by winning $105,000 for a mere $5 bet. Tayla Polia won the 15-leg parlay that led to the six-figure winnings only on her second bet, and it even included five underdogs in the parlay. Talk about luck.

Thanks to their generally high odds, sports bettors can get extremely lucky when they take chances and bet on parlays and futures markets. Bettors only need to risk a small single or double-digit bet to potentially win six digits. If bettors need further encouragement, they can continue reading the article on the biggest sports betting wins in history here in this infographic by CM2Bet. If they don’t, they should start looking for the top online casino Malaysia to register and start betting.

Biggest Sports Betting Wins in History