Hutter Architects Zero net energy

What is Zero Net Energy Home?

A zero net energy home is a residence that uses less energy than traditional homes use. They are like regular homes but are well-insulated and energy efficient. Hence, they produce renewable energy as much as they consume, leaving the occupants with a net zero energy bill. 

It is possible to build these homes in all sizes and styles. The key to building net zero energy homes is using renewable energy sources. Solar photovoltaic panels, for example, are a standard part of net zero homes. These panels can produce energy for lighting, heating, cooling, hot water, and appliances. While solar panels are a significant part of the equation, batteries are also necessary.

Zero net energy homes also use energy-efficient appliances, lighting, and heating systems. They are also super-insulated and climate-adapted. Most general contractors consider these factors during negotiated bids

The most significant energy expense for zero net energy homes is water heating, which can be minimized or even eliminated. In addition, homeowners can reduce their water use by using water-saving appliances and high-performance windows. 

It Responds to the Drastic Effect of Global Warming

Due to the concerning effect of Global Warming, most building companies and residents prioritize taking meaningful and progressive actions. Architecture and construction firms are designing sustainable homes and commercial establishments, regular homeowners use environmentally friendly items, and more families are eager to upgrade their residences to zero-net energy homes. These factors would not directly heal the planet, but they will reduce the number of families producing pollutants.

It is for your Health and Comfort

The purpose of buying a home is primarily for safety and comfort. Since zero-energy homes are built above the standard, it guarantees a sanctuary that protects your family from allergens and toxicants. Thus, it provides a healthy environment to live in. You will breathe the cleanest air possible and feel more comfortable with the temperature. 

It is a Good Investment

You can purchase a zero-energy home only slightly higher than the standard home. Each residential type is an investment, but the benefits of a zero-energy home can last up to two decades. Since these homes use renewable energy as the primary means of utility, the amount you spend for electricity and heating can still be the same over the years. You would not need to worry about traditional electricity lacking supplies due to the demand from many other commercial establishments and residential homeowners.

Zero-Energy Homes are Future-ready homes

The future is uncertain but preparing for it is efficient. If you cannot afford the cost of the ecological home, you can be ready to set up the necessary tools little by little. Solar panels are expensive, but there’s no harm in buying wires first until you can afford them. Anticipating the fast decline of non-renewable energy is one significant step to preparing for what could happen if they are entirely gone. 

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