What binding type is better for your printed material?


When choosing a binding style, a question must be considered. What kind of book you’re making? You’ll find many types of bindings, each with pros and cons. Some binds are sturdy, flat when opened, and make for an appealing look. Another matter to consider is what the size of your book will be. While it is not as important as the size of a book’s cover, it does play a role in creating an impact on readers. A big, heavy book may be challenging, and a small, light book may not last as long. The answer to this question is based on science and not on taste. But a book’s size and binding type are both crucial to the success of a book’s marketing campaign. To help you have an idea, here are some of the most common binding types that people use for their printed materials.

Case binding

The most durable type of bind is case binding, which forms a protective shell around the book’s pages. Case binding typically uses heavy paperboard covered with cloth or leather and is an excellent choice for books that require durability. A case-bound book is also durable, a significant consideration for textbooks and yearbooks. For these reasons, hardcover bind is preferred for books that have high-quality pages, including academic titles.

Perfect binding

Another option is perfect binding. A perfect bound book is more expensive than a paperback but more affordable than a hardcover binding. It’s threaded, glued, and covered with cardstock from the spine to bind. So, you’ll need to decide if you’d like to have your book’s cover art or text on the spine. If you’re publishing a catalog or magazine and have no idea how to custom bind a book, choose the perfect binding, which is ideal for creative ideas. Perfect bind is commonly used for fiction and non-fiction books, large catalogs and many more.

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