Warts Treatment At Gold Skin Care Center

Gold Skin Care Center is the best place to go if you want treatment for warts.  Warts  are non-cancerous growths that are usually caused by viral infection in the top layer of the skin.  The warts can appear anywhere on your skin,  but they mostly commonly  appear on the hands or feet.  The colors of the warts can range from skin-colored, brown, white and pink. They usually appear as tiny hard bumps with a rough surface  that may have a cauliflower texture.  Some warts can also be dark, smooth and flat.

Warts are caused by viruses of the human papillomavirus family. The viruses that cause them are  passed from one person to another, sometimes indirectly.  The risk of getting  foot, flat and hand warts is very small. Genital  warts are more contagious, and they can be transmitted through sexual intercourse.  Some people usually get warts depending on how they are exposed to the virus.

The good news is that warts can be removed. At Gold Skin Care, there are several treatment options for warts that you can use. Common warts in children can be treated at home using over the counter medications  that contain salicyclic acid.  This treatment is painless,  but it can take a number of weeks to be able to get good results.

When it comes to older children and adults, the most effective treatment for warts is cycotherapy, which involves  freezing the warts with liquid nitrogen.  Vascular pulse dye lasers are used to cut blood supply to the warts and kill the virus.  The good thing about this treatment is that it is not associated with  scarring. Other procedures that can be used to destroy warts are  electrosurgery and CO2 laser treatments.

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