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Understanding Your Water Solutions

Plumbing services ensure that clean and safe water becomes accessible to residential areas. Plumbers provide water solutions that improve water quality as, by nature, it shares space with organic materials, minerals, chemicals, and artificial pollutants harmful to human health. Nuisance problems like odor and hardness get solved through water treatment services, Punta Gorda, FL.


Yet, as a friendly reminder, residents should consider other alternative methods first before going for water solutions offered by the Punta Gorda water treatment plant


Do not decide on a whim. Simple observation can help identify the reason behind your rotten-egg smelling water or why it leaves soap scum in your hands after washing. Laboratory tests are also available if you’re wary of microbes and contaminants present in your water system. Home water systems that have damages need immediate replacement or repair to solve undesirable qualities you want to eliminate.


Water solutions are the last resort if all of these ways do not work. Fixing water issues also requires knowledge and understanding of the water treatment needed at your home. Learn more about the different water treatment devices to avail what best fits the situation by reading this article.



Raw or untreated water usually comes with dirt particles challenging to eliminate. But, through coagulation, it becomes a piece of cake. 


Coagulation is a method of adding liquid aluminum sulfate or alum and polymer to the water that causes dirt to attach and combine as a large particle, known as flocs). Households can remove flocs without hassle via filtration or settling following the coagulation process.



Disinfecting your water to protect yourself and loved ones from the potential health risks caused by bacteria, viruses, cysts, and worms in the water supply varies in method and effectiveness. These disinfection methods are the following: pasteurization, ultraviolet light, chlorination, and boiling.


Among the four disinfection methods, pasteurization eliminates bacteria, viruses, cysts, and worms all at once through the heat without sterilizing water but is pricey. On the other hand, low-pressure mercury arc lamps emit ultraviolet (UV) light, with germicidal properties, capable of deactivating pathogens in the water. It can only kill bacteria in the process and needs annual replacement.  


Chlorination is the cheapest, oldest disinfection method to eradicate most bacteria and viruses in a given concentration and exposure period. Boiling in just three minutes can kill deadly organisms and giardia cysts, making the water taste flat as carbon dioxide (CO2) gets dispersed, which most house owners regard as its disadvantage.


pH Correction

Is your water at home acidic? If yes, you should adjust its pH levels by combining lime with filtered water. This water solution minimizes corrosion in the water distribution system as it can stabilize naturally soft water.



The filtration process separates water from particles through a filter made of gravel and sand, sometimes crushed anthracite. Filtration goes well with disinfection as it gathers impurities floating in the water. Households should clean the filters regularly via backwashing. 


Reverse osmosis

Reverse osmosis (RO) is proven effective in removing impurities in the water like mineral and biological contaminants. RO units are usually paired with mechanical filters and activated carbon fillers to reduce organic compounds by pressurizing and passing water through a semi-permeable membrane. It eliminates substantial amounts of salts, metals, minerals, and other inorganic chemicals and removes traces of microorganisms and many organic substances.


Using RO costs significant amounts of water and a spike in water bills is about to happen. Therefore, households with limited water systems refrain from purchasing them.


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