Stylish Ways to Transform a Shower [Infographic]

People have this innate need for personal space, and inside the home, aside from the bedroom, we have the bathroom. Bathrooms are where self-care and hygiene happen; that is why it is one of the most renovated areas inside the home. Some remodeling can cost so much, but the satisfaction after a project is done is 100% guaranteed.


In planning the bath and shower redesign, always check on the following: the bathtub, the floor, shower, the walls, and the sink…everything that might need a glimpse by an observing eye to know which one is of immediate repair or change.

And when it comes to styling this personal space, let us share the stylish ways to transform your shower and bath area with you.


Repaint Walls

Breathe new life into your bathroom walls by giving them a fresh coat of paint. Study what type of paint suits your bathroom wall, and then proceed with the color you want. Home magazines and home remodeling websites are good references for such projects.


Use Glass Walls

Consider replacing the shower curtains with glass walls. These are space-saving hacks that some homeowners install in their shower areas because not only does it look elegant, but it gives the illusion of an airy bathroom.


Add Window Panels

Another trick to give your shower a relaxing vibe is by adding window panels. By doing that, you are allowing natural light to come to enter your shower area and offer a divine bathroom experience to family members or guests.


Let this infographic show you more ideas about doing a shower revamp.