Not All Biometrics are Created Equal: Why FIDO2 Passwordless Authentication is Top of the Line

Data security is vital as people move into a phase where almost all their activities are electronically assisted and digitally recorded. These advancements have prompted tech companies to raise the standards of their clients’ requests for verification methods that can protect their identities from cyberattacks.

The most popular and secured online identity authentication that many uses include facial, voice, and iris verification, which is unique for the client. This eliminates the need for lengthy passwords, which people often forget.

This passwordless method of authenticating systems is not created equally. While some are stronger than others, they may still have vulnerabilities that could allow for cyber-attacks. Even though biometric identity verification is a high-level security option, it can still be vulnerable to phishing scams, deep fakes, synthetic media, stolen biometrics, and unencrypted data.

FIDO2 Passwordless authentication

Fast IDentity Online, or FIDO, is an association made up of some of the most prominent tech companies around the globe that focuses on improving online authentication without traditional passwords. FIDO2 certification was created to address security and privacy concerns and user data. They eliminate passwords and one-time OTPs to provide more secure authentication and better user experiences with digital platforms and applications.

FIDO2’s service is anonymous, making it more secure and private. The following features are also included:

  • Web Authentication API – Single authentication (fingerprint, facial scan) for any site
  • Client to Authenticator Protocol – FIDO2 security keys can be used with other browsers and desktop applications.

LoginID FIDO2 Certified Biometric Authentication for Websites, Applications, and Services

Online security is essential for businesses, especially those that use cryptocurrency digital wallets, mainly to prevent hackers from targeting them with cyber threats and scams. They invest in robust identification solutions to protect themselves and their company against potential threats.

Enterprises now recognize the FIDO2 passwordless authentication via LoginID, as this has improved customer verification and transaction confirmations. Because, unlike other security service providers, LoginID does not rely on insecure methods like proprietary biometrics algorithms. Customers are now more trustful of their brand because of passwordless authentication. 

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