Hawaiian Travel Tips (Infographic)

After two years since the COVID-19 pandemic has started, the health restrictions in different countries across the globe are slowly being lofted, and there are less strict rules to follow now. Many vacation spots have opened once again. Traveling locally or internationally is more manageable now too. Thus, almost everyone is planning their long-awaited vacation, and Hawaii will never be out of the list of the most picked vacation destinations.


The Aloha State is a well-known archipelago with a total of 137 islands and islets, which includes eight major islands, namely: Hawaii, Maui, Oahu, Kahoolawe, Molokai, Lanai, Kauai, and Niihau which all of these except the latter two are open to the public, especially tourists.


From its rich history to land and water activities like the Waikiki Snorkeling tour to food, Hawaii will never disappoint anyone, even though a Hawaiian tour can be costly, especially with the current market price and ticket costing plane or ticket boat. As a first tip, it is best for you to make a list to where you specifically want to go to avoid missing anything out and maximize your stay in Hawaii. Making a list will also help you in budgeting your pocket money for the tour. This can give you insight into how much you can spend per day, for every tourist spot you go, and your other amenities such as hotel, daily food, and local travel expenses like cars and boats.


Out-of-the-country travel after two years sounds so good, right? The second tip is to be careful if you are to have a vacation soon since the threat of the pandemic continues. And even if vaccines are already available, or if you are already vaccinated and boosted yourself, the chance of catching the COVID-19 virus while spending time outside your home is still possible. Vaccines are only made to lessen the impact of the virus to one’s body and prevent any severe health complications, but it does not offer perfect immunity from it.


Hawaii has many to offer to you like the famous Oahu North Shore and Hawaii Botanical Garden Oahu. And surely, during your vacation, you’ll meet many people as you enjoy your Aloha State stay, so keep in mind that you have to follow the basic pandemic rules like social distancing and wearing face masks all the time. Staying healthy during your tour is a top priority.


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