Different Types of Car Window Tinting

Window tints add fashion and function to a vehicle. They improve the interior of car windows and provide drivers and passengers protection from ultraviolet (UV) rays through high-quality window films. Additionally, window tints are beneficial during the summer season by reducing infrared exposure – they keep cars more relaxing.

The truth is, there are various options you can choose window tints for your cars, SUVs, commercial vehicles, and even trucks. You can also select your preferred shade, variety, and specialty tinting to fit in your car windows.

Before you proceed with your decision for car window tinting in Waukesha, you may learn the different types of car window tinting through this article. You can see many options that can be advantageous in achieving the ideal window film for your car.

Types of Car Window Tinting

  1. Dyed – When it comes to the most cost-effective and common type of window tints, you can choose dyed window films. However, this type of shade has a limited ability to block the heat from the sun, not offering a high level of UV protection. Also, this window film tends to fade and becomes less effective over usage time.
  2. Metalized – Compared to dyed window films, metalized tints have metal microparticles. Instead of absorbing the sunlight, these tints do the opposite – they keep out sunlight through reflection. Also, metalized films are more effective than dyed tinting.

Additionally, this type of shade is scratch-resistant, adding strength to your car windows to prevent shattering from extreme impact. Plus, metal particles offer a shinier look to the window that suits people’s preferences.

The only disadvantage of metalized tinting is the interference with radio or GPS signals. It causes minimal inconvenience but needs to consider in choosing metal tints.

  1. Hybrid – This window tint consists of some dyed layers with a thin metal layer in between. Hybrid window tints lessen the negative aspects of dyed and metalized films. They have less radio interference than the fully metalized and do not have a mirror-like appearance. Choosing hybrid tints can be an excellent choice if you prefer affordable window tinting in Waukesha.
  2. Carbon – Carbon films will suit your car window if you prefer a window tint that does not fade over time. This type of window film comprises carbon fiber particles that are excellent for blocking sun rays, which are more effective than dyed or metallic.

Also, carbon tinting has a powerful insulating feature, such as reducing heat from the sun.

The negative side of this tint is that it is more expensive than the previously mentioned products. Nevertheless, you can expect the durability and longevity to offset the extra money you will pay, leaving you with no regrets.

Now that you have learned about the types of window tints, you can now decide well in choosing the ideal shades for your car windows.

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