Building Inspection Engineers: The First Line of Defense

Building codes are stipulated by regulatory bodies to ensure commercial properties are safe and reliable. The state of New Jersey has local codes and regulations on commercial buildings under its jurisdiction. It also adopts industry standards that are recognized nationally and globally.

New Jersey stakeholders will face serious consequences when their commercial properties fail to adhere to these regulations. Apart from corresponding sanctions, they might also face legal charges from affected parties if their faulty building causes injuries or other damage.

Poor construction quality, incorrect installation, inadequate maintenance, and substandard quality materials can negatively affect the structure’s integrity. If left unchecked, they can even endanger occupants and lead to structural collapse.

To monitor a building’s integrity, commercial property owners must hire a certified a building inspection engineer in NJ to do a thorough inspection. The acquired experience, skills, and knowledge of professional commercial building engineers sets them apart from others. They can spot concealment attempts that undertrained individuals might overlook.

These professional engineers will assess the property’s different components, including the structural frame and building envelope, fire safety systems, heating and ventilation systems, and electrical and mechanical systems. They will also verify if these components fulfill the general and specific requirements mandated by relevant agencies.

Upon finishing the commercial building inspection, a structural engineer in NJ will write a detailed report, emphasizing the property’s actual condition. They will also estimate the possible costs for repairing or replacing defective components to remain compliant with regulations.

With the information obtained from the property condition assessment, stakeholders will be better guided to make the right decision before spending on improvement projects. While it is essential to ensure a commercial building’s stability and integrity, it is not practical to make unnecessary expenditures.

Building inspection engineers serve as the “first line of defense” against risks in commercial real estate. For more information on the matter, see the following infographic from Lockatong Engineering.