Change is a nostalgic yet happy encounter that every people face every once in a while. It is that gloomy but euphoric stage where someone has to say goodbye to the old times and face the new day with a sad smile. Although bidding good riddance to the obsolete days, however, these alterations in life come with great opportunities that will lead you to that success you have always been praying for.

As the year 2002 begins, the global spread of the Corona Virus Disease 2019 is unexpected to all people in the world. The virus began on the premises of Wuhan, China – where an individual started having symptoms of the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS). Correspondence to a live virtual game that a gamer opened, there is no stopping from spreading COVID-19. It infects more and more people within the city and continued to disperse globally.

Some described the bacillus as a domino that affects all people on Earth while others defined it as a bomb that shaken the used to be the peaceful livelihood of human beings. Either so, COVID-19 remains to be a pandemic that has now caused 1.22 million deaths worldwide.

With the continuous diffusion of the Novel Coronavirus, the World Health Organization together with the local governments in each affected country are doing everything they can to minimize it. Home quarantine was implemented, social distancing is highly practiced by people who go outside, wearing of masks are mandatory, and multiple PPE kits for sale are now available all over the internet.

PPEs or Personal Protective Equipment is specialized clothing worn by an employee for security against infectious microorganisms. The first release of this equipment was at Work Regulations 1992: It is a regulation created under the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 that came into force in Great Britain on the 1st of January 1993. The guideline of the utilization of the paraphernalia is provided to employees who are exposed to a risk to their health or safety while at work.

Now, PPE has been compulsory equipment for employees – most especially those front-liners to avoid the danger of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The PPE kit contents are consisting of protective material that is specially made to avoid any infectious agents or body fluid containing contagious microorganisms. Such as gloves, white gowns, shoe covers, head covers, and masks. 

The PPE kit price may be expensive, but it is worth every second to be safe than sorry.

Adjusting is already a common thing. Adjusting ourselves to the “new normal” that the COVID-19 caused will lead us to the continuation of achieving our goals and dreams with the help of PPE care kits. 

Read the infographic brought to you by PPE Company Care with all the helpful guidelines for recreating lives with PPE care kits:

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