7 Sustainable Packaging Ideas for 2022

7 Sustainable Packaging Ideas for 2022 | Infographic

Packaging is critical in ensuring the items’ safety during distribution. The amount of packaging material produced has increased because of retail expansion and growing supply chains. As a result, the efficiency of natural resources is deteriorating, resulting in scarcity, natural disasters, and adverse effects on the environment.

Environmental pressure pushes the market towards sustainable packaging. It includes sourcing, development, and packaging solutions with minimal environmental impact. A study from IBM shows that six out of ten consumers surveyed will adopt more environmentally friendly shopping habits. Consumers are more likely to buy from a forward-thinking firm with an eco-friendly reputation that provides cost-effective products.

Due to the inevitable market competition, businesses must unleash their creativity and innovative skills to stay afloat and remain competitive. With the changes in consumer preferences, the best time to start shifting to sustainable packaging is now.

Minimalist and Mono-Material Packaging

Minimalist packaging is made of one or two materials without distracting graphic designs. Because of its simplicity, it enables brands to deliver appealing marketing messaging rapidly. Furthermore, mono-material packaging is gaining popularity because it promotes the circular economy. Likewise, it simplifies the packaging process while reducing the amount of waste it produces.

Edible Packaging

Another trend is edible packaging. Individuals are enjoying this wrapping as it is consumable and digestible. In this case, a Harvard professor named Dr. David Edwards came up with a product called WikiCell, which he made to wrap around soft foods like yogurt or mousse.

Benefits of Sustainable Packaging

Being more sustainable can help you acquire new clients and increase customer loyalty at the same time. Numerous studies have revealed that consumers significantly consider sustainability when selecting firms with which to do business. Manufacturers are starting to produce foil packaging, kraft paper bags with handles, affordable food packaging, and other customized packaging services for wholesale, retail, and redistribution.

Furthermore, two critical components of sustainable packaging are reducing packing materials and decreasing waste. Eco-friendly packaging reduces the amount of plastic used, increases revenue, and makes your business a forward-thinking company that can make a difference in the market worldwide.

Here is an infographic from Bagitan Packaging that provides more ideas for sustainable packaging.

7 Sustainable Packaging Ideas for 2022