What You Need to Know About Artificial Grass?

As natural grass prices rise, so has the cost of artificial turf. However, this does not mean that artificial turf is unaffordable because artificial grass is now quick and easy to install. Moreover, it adds beauty to the scenery regardless of whether it is fake.

It is also available in areas that do not have a natural grass, such as a playground or a home surrounded by concrete. It is an eco-friendly substitute for natural grass. A wide range of applications is available so individuals can choose the best one for their particular needs.

Artificial grass typically has multiple blades joined by a stitch. The product gauge indicates the distance between rows of stitches, while the pile is the specific length of each fiber. Also, the panel or joint is a section of the overall construction. The gauge represents the height for each blade, and the grain is the direction where the fibers grow. Artificial grass that is of better quality will last a long time.

In the 1960s, synthetic grass developed. David Chaney, North Carolina State University dean, and his Research Triangle Park-based research team are responsible for inventing synthetic grass. Research Triangle Park is the most extensive artificial grass research facility in America. It was built in Providence, Rhode Island, in 1964. In 1966, it gained wide acceptance. It has longer fibers and granulated rubber infills, making it a natural surface for sports.

ChemGrass was first installed at the Moses Brown School (Princeton, Rhode Island) in 1964. In 1966, Houston’s Astrodome installed synthetic turf. AstroTurf was created by the Astrodome. For over 50 years, the product was used in sporting venues.

Artificial grass has been an enormous step forward in the sports industry. It is safe, green, and provides an escape from daily stress for adults and children.

See the infographic below developed by Easy Turf to learn more about the artificial grass Melbourne’s benefits:


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