Things To Know About Wisdom Teeth Removal Gilbert AZ

Are you are planning for wisdom teeth removal Gilbert AZ? This may seem like a hassle, not to mention an inconvenience. How long do you have to wait for wisdom teeth removal? Is the procedure painful? The good news is that the team at San Tan Oral Surgery in Gilbert, AZ, can take care of your teeth with competency and care.

Before you go ahead to have your wisdom teeth removed, you may want to know how much time the actual tooth extraction takes.  The time that the tooth extraction takes can vary depending on various factors, including the infection or pain in the tooth, if the tooth has come in, if the tooth is impacted, gum disease, and if one or more of the surrounding teeth are damaged.

Without any complications, extraction of a wisdom tooth can take only a few minutes. However, if your tooth is impacted, it could take up to twenty minutes to extract. If you are sure that your tooth does not have any complications, you could be in and out of the doctor’s room in just an hour.

You may also want to know how long to recover from impacted wisdom teeth removal before giving this procedure a try. An impacted tooth happens when the tooth is stuck under the gum tissue or is not able to break through the gums. The good news is that the team at San Tan Oral Surgery has an experienced care team that is skilled in impacted wisdom tooth extraction.

Recovering from an impacted wisdom teeth removal does not take much time, but it is recommended to take some time to recover from the extraction. You should plan on taking at least one full day to rest in order to allow your body to repair and heal after the surgery.

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