Leisure is an opportunity to have a free and relaxing time. A hardworking person deserves such spare time for all the effort he put into labor. This concept is true, considering an excessive amount put at work can provide stress to an individual. Pressure will then be the cause of failure in performing outstandingly on the tasks given to them.

Sports are one of the ways that relieve several folks from tension. The adrenaline rush it provides is the fun that keeps a player motivated in scoring and winning the game. That is why many are addicted to sports. Not only in watching but as well as in playing.

Nonetheless, the Corona Virus Disease 2019 outbreak has been a massive game-changer last 2020. The plague remains diffusing widely up until the current time. Its continuous dissemination has been the motivation for authorities to implement a mass lockdown. The established home quarantine halted all workforces outside and even entertainment such as sports considering social interaction is highly prohibited to limit down the casualties caused by the plague.

Only a few people who need to buy their everyday essentials are authorized to go outside. However, social distancing is put into practice when this occurs.

People now have plenty of time in leisure since they are already within the premises of their home. Others may already start working from home – still, they have numerous periods for relaxation. It was a different case for the sports lovers, notwithstanding that close contact is not allowed, there are not any available scheduled matches for their favorite team player(s), and they cannot even attend one and play. This may be a saddening reality to some but, it is the sole way for people’s safety.

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