Rapid Antigen Test

PCR Test VS Rapid Antigen Test, what are the difference?

Viruses are a microorganism that can only live and multiply when barged into a host. Therefore, scientists reckoned that these creatures could not last long without a cohort. For this reason, the individual’s contaminated body will continuously be diluted as the viruses breed within. In addition, the person’s immune system will get weaker and weaker by the second as the antidotes enlarge their population inside. 


The Corona Virus Disease 2019 is the modernized and contagious fungicide that took the 21st century by a thunderclap. With its emergence in December 2019, the year 2020 was filled with home quarantine and social distancing to control the COVID-19’s dispersal somehow. 


The World Health Organization and the authorities of affected countries joined forces to wipe off the virus completely. However, despite their hard work, some netizens still do not follow the implemented protocols for everyone’s safety—which caused the number of infected people to multiply worldwide. 


In the recent report of the World Health Organization, the sum of the total cases of the Corona Virus Disease 2019 expanded up to 173 million. On the other hand, the absolute number of the death toll worldwide caused by COVID-19 increased up to 3.73 million. The safety measures that both the government and the WHO enforced seemed ineffective because of these growing loads worldwide caused by infectious diseases.


The cause of this growth was by the number of people still traveling despite the circumstances—whether it is because of a business trip or for only a tourist roam. Therefore, tourism could immediately cease since it is an enormous industry that helped the global economy.


To enhance the fight against COVID-19, WHO carried out a  fit to fly COVID test such as a PCR test to recognize those who do not carry the virus and give them a COVID fit to fly certificate. The document is the credentials that testify they are virus-free and safe to roam wherever they want or need to.


Rapid Antigen Test is exceptionally different from PCR test. To understand the variances, read the infographic below brought to you by Harley Medic International: