Minimizing The Effects Of Supply Chain Disruption During The Pandemic

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There are ways on how you can protect your logistics team from the pandemic.

Vehicle routing and scheduling methods are one way to protect the employees during the pandemic. As for drivers and consumers, protection is critical when goods and services arrive. For both truck drivers and consumers at any pick-up and distribution locations such as factories , warehouses, shops and medical facilities, social distancing should be maintained.

In order to be COVID-19 free, supply chain and logistics leaders must make it a first priority to ensure that so many encounters must be avoided. Solutions in technology can help minimize physical contact to a minimum.

An online software system can be used to perform various routine procedures such as gate check ins and signing of paperwork. Even though they would not have any direct interaction with their client, staff should still wear protective equipment such as face shields and face masks.

Protective alerts or reminders are also important especially for the last-mile delivery to end consumers. Tracking devices or applications allow the company and the client to track if the delivery is on its way. The driver may send a picture of the package on the doorstep and the customer confirms receipt via text message or a custom application. The delivery process completes without having any physical contact.

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