Everything you need to know about Laser Etching

Various manufacturing processes have been created to ease many business applications. Laser etching stainless steel is one of the most used material-altering procedures due to its numerous benefits, such as speed and durability.

If you are considering whether laser etching and CNC routing services Perth are worth it, keep reading to learn everything you need about laser etching.

What is Laser Etching?

Laser etching refers to creating marks on components and products by melting the surface and leaving a raised effect.

Laser etching uses a special machine that shoots a beam of highly concentrated energy, making the material melt and expand. The marks often carry information or aesthetic value.

Laser Etching Applications

Laser etching is used for various purposes, but it is used in manufacturing industries to create serial numbers and barcodes. Laser etching is widely used in automobiles, aerospace, electronics, the military, and many more.

Laser etching applies to all sorts of materials, including paper, wood, cork, plastics, cardboard, aluminium, stainless steel, stone, marble, tile, and glass.

Additionally, laser etching is used by designers and artists for intricate details in their artistic creations.

What Happens During Laser Etching?

Laser etching works by pulsing the laser beam, releasing sudden bursts of energy at particular intervals. Each pulse contains one millijoule of energy and can reach up to 10,000W of peak power, and within a second, a 100W can release 100,000 pulses.

Once the beam hits the surface, the material absorbs the energy and transforms it into heat. There must be enough energy to melt the material’s surface and expand to ensure a successful laser etching process. This also makes the material highly malleable.

As the material cools down, surface roughness changes and leaves permanent markings.

Why should you Avail of Laser Etching Services?

There are several good reasons why laser etching is recommended for many business uses, such as:

  • Superior quality etching
  • Speed and precision
  • A non-contact process

While you can purchase a laser etching machine to perform the method yourself, the costs may be too expensive and difficult to understand. If you are interested in laser etching, you could save more and receive higher-quality outputs by partnering with a reliable service.

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