Different Outdoor Game Tables That are Perfect for Family Leisure

The continuous evolution of technology has created different devices and media platforms, which most people depend on in this digital era. Although these devices and platforms have made people’s lives more convenient and comfortable, excessive media consumption (screen time) has adverse side effects for both children and adults.


People have become too devoted to their smartphones and other electronic devices that they spend nearly 11 hours of screen time per day, often forgetting to interact and communicate with others. Consequently, without physical experiences and interactions, people, particularly children, can lose or have difficulty developing their social skills, which are crucial in initiating and maintaining relationships.


Additionally, excessive screen time can cause eye strain or impaired vision, sleep-related issues, chronic neck and back pain. Therefore, to avoid these negative side effects, people need to balance their time on their devices and their time to initiate interaction and communication with others in a face-to-face environment.


Having healthy media consumption and initiating relationships with others is key to maintaining a person’s physical and psychological well-being. Often, people, especially parents, control their children’s time on their devices to prevent them from indulging in excessive screen time. Accordingly, people develop and maintain relationships by spending quality time with their families and friends face-to-face.


Planning and attending social gatherings during holidays, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, and other special events like birthdays, anniversaries, and reunions can help people initiate relationships. And for social events to be more exciting and interactive, people plan entertainment activities.


Games, especially those that often involve some fun and friendly competition, are among the various entertainment activities that encourage people to unplug from their smartphones and other electronic devices; thus, having the chance to interact and communicate with others.


Accordingly, people incentivize on game tables to spend quality time with their families and friends offline. Many household owners purchase their own game tables, which they place in their indoor entertainment area or outdoor living area, depending on where they plan to conduct their social gathering.


Outdoor pool tables and other all-weather game tables provide various benefits to people. Besides offering friendly competition between players and being a great conversation starter between families and friends, playing game tables can also improve people’s health.


Although outdoor game tables are not as physically strenuous as sports games, such as basketball, soccer, hockey, and football, these games can still be great physical exercises, helping players burn calories and tone their muscles and body build. Furthermore, these games can also improve players’ cognitive skills, reflexes, hand-eye coordination, and focus and control.


Investing in outdoor game tables provides timeless fun for any age; therefore, improving people’s relationships with one another. Additionally, these can encourage families, both parents and children, to unplug from the internet and spend quality time with each other. This infographic from R&R Outdoors lists the different outdoor game tables that families can play during their leisure time.