Debunking window tint myths

If you’ve been shopping around for window tint for the vehicle, particularly if you’ve been shopping online, you might have come across a few window tint myths that have left you scratching your head in confusion. Did you know that window tint only affects one part of the window and is only applied on the inside? Or did you know that it’s illegal to use tint on the front window? Both of these are completely false, as any type of window tint can be used on the front of the back windows. Even with the darkest tint permitted by local area codes, light still will penetrate your car window, just without the harmful UV and heat rays.

Many window tint myths surround the idea of needing to buy the product for the vehicle alone. Don’t let this happen to you; it’s easy to mistakenly think that window film is something you’ll need to put in only when you plan to change the windows or repaint them. In order to make certain that you’re not buying something that is illegal in your state, or at least has the potential to be, always looks to buy a tint kit instead of individual products. Buying a kit means you don’t need to go anywhere else to find what you need. You also won’t come across the many window tint myths surrounding the idea of tint kits.

The truth about tinting windows is that while there are dangers of being exposed to UV rays while not wearing any tint at all, in the long term they actually don’t pose a serious threat to your health. Although there have always been rumors that the ultraviolet rays coming from the sun harm our bodies, the reality is that ultraviolet rays are completely safe. It’s those UVA and UVB rays that pose the danger, not sunlight. Tinting prevents these harmful rays from directly hitting your body.

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