Biggest Upsets in Sports History – Infographic

Watching sports is a fun activity for many, but betting on various sporting events increases the entertainment value. It also keeps them more engaged and involved in sports after placing a bet. While many bet according to the current odds Singapore pools and favourites. Others, especially those who want to win significant amounts of money, place wagers on the underdogs.

When it comes to betting, favourites refer to a team or individual expected to win a specific sporting event. On the other hand, only a few places wagers on the underdog considering their chances of winning is low.

However, many diehard sports fans and avid bettors rely on their strategies and observations and often, they bet on the underdogs. Having said that, there have been many upsets in sports history that left many bettors and sports fans surprised by the outcome of the event.

One example is when Chelsea beats Bayern Munich in the 2011/12 Champions League final. Chelsea is the underdog in the finals match and all odds seemed to be against them as the venue of the finals is held in their opponent’s home stadium in Germany.

According to Odds Shark, Chelsea’s odds of winning was 4.33 which is considered high for a single match and something that avid bettors can leverage by placing high stakes. Bayern Munich was the obvious favourite with odds of 1.80,

Upsets in sports might not happen regularly but they are not as unusual of an event as people might think. This is true, as many underdogs have pulled off numerous upsets in the past. Many bettors will continue to capitalize on them. If you want to know where to bet or access reputable sportsbooks with reliable Singapore pools soccer odds, you can visit the website of CM2Bet. Accordingly, here is an infographic that discusses the biggest upsets in sports history.

Biggest Sports Upsets in History