Applications Of A PCR Test Birmingham

PCR Test Birmingham

The PCR test has been in use over the years. However, most people have come to know more about it due to its use in the testing for COVID-19. PCR test is now used in different areas of medicine and science. It helps amplify DNA thus allowing the analysis of small fragments of DNA or damaged samples. This said, below are some of the applications of the PCR test Birmingham.

The first application of the PCR test Birmingham is in the forensic department and applied sciences. The PCR test is mostly used in the field of forensic sciences in DNA profiling. The PCR test helps in identifying offenders who escaped the crime scene but left behind some of their DNA material such as hair, semen, or a sample of blood. Through genetic fingerprints creations, the actual offenders can now be punished and cases of wrongful convictions are now reduced.

The second application of the PCR tests Birmingham the diagnosis of genetic diseases. Through PCR, screening parents for genetic diseases is now possible before deciding to have children.  Diseases in babies can now be diagnosed even before birth. This is done through the screening of tissue samples from the chronic villus found in the mother’s bloodstream. In case of a symptom, inherited and spontaneous diseases can now be easily diagnosed.

Lastly, another application of a PCR test Birmingham is in the field of archaeology. The PCR test is used to identify human or animal remains as well as tracking human migration patterns. PCR also helps to differentiate similar organisms and even work out relationships between different species. Through the PCR test, human history can now be accurately studied and information stored for future generations.

The PCR test is now very beneficial to the world with the issue of COVID 19 in the picture. The facts the PCR test gives accurate results plays a big role in keeping the world safe.

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