A Look At The Link Between Vitamin B12 And Stress

Are you interested in knowing the relationship  between vitamin B12 and stress? Well, the fact is that when stress levels are high, they can deplete your body of  B vitamins, which play a very important role in the regulatory and nervous systems.  High stress levels can also reduce the absorption of nutrients in your system from the supplements that you take as well as the foods that you eat.

It is imperative that you take adequate amounts of vitamin B12 as it can help reduce the stress level by promoting  healthy nervous system function. And when the nervous system is working as it should, the adrenal glands do not secrete a lot of cortisol, which is  the hormone that is usually produced  during times of stress and is responsible for causing flight response.

So how can vitamin B12 deficiency affect your health?  When you have insufficient vitamin B12  in your system, it can hinder the ability to manage stress, and it can manifest in  the body mentally or physically in a number of ways. You can experience loss of balance or have trouble walking, you can experience tingling sensations or numbness  in your hands, legs or feet, and you can also experience memory loss or cognitive difficulties. Vitamin B12 deficiency can also manifest in form of fatigue, anemia, weakness,  depression, incontinence, paranoia and delusions, jaundice as well as loss of taste and smell.

Vitamin B12 plays a very important role in maintaining nerve cells as well as red blood cells, and it is needed to make DNA. It is also involved in homocysteine metabolism and plays a very crucial role in proper immune function, energy metabolism  and nerve function.

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