A Look At The Different Vein Treatment Options

Vein Treatment San Diego, Vein Treatment

It is about time you visited the vein treatment center San Diego if you have started to notice spider veins creeping across your legs or if you have spent many years hiding bulging and twisting varicose veins from the view. At Chetco Medical and Aesthetics in Bookings, OR, multiple vein treatment San Diego options are offered which can help you reclaim a clear and smooth skin.

One of the vein treatment options that you will get at this center is sclerotherapy. If you are bothered by varicose or spider veins, this treatment option provides a minimally invasive and safe vein treatment option.  It involves injecting a sclerosant solution into the affected vein to cause irritation and swelling. This causes blood flow to be diverted from the affected vein to the nearby healthy veins. The treated veins will eventually close themselves off and get eliminated naturally.  This vein treatment option has been practiced in some form since the 1930s.

Another vein treatment option that you should consider is laser therapy.  Laser treatments make use of the energy that is generated by lasers to penetrate the skin and cause the blood vessels and veins to shrink. At Chetco Medical and Aesthetics, the Clarity laser system is used to effectively shrink smaller spider veins as well as vascular abnormalities that are close to the surface of the skin. It is very effective when it comes to reducing the appearance of these imperfections.

The Clarity laser is totally non-invasive, because the laser is directed at the skin itself.  Treatments are generally comfortable, and they may be an ideal choice if you have spider veins and broken blood vessels on the neck and face.

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